Saturday, 4 August, 2007

Standards Vs Corporate Management Responsibility

“The top management of Indian corporates must be participative enough within the organization to ensure that Standards are maintained for the goods and services they produce to compete in the global market,” said Mr. J G Venkata Ramanaiah, a Quality Management Consultant.

Speaking at a seminar on “Standards Vs Corporate Management Responsibility” at the Institute of Engineers in Hyderabad, Mr. Ramanaiah said that Indian corporates might well have borrowed technical collaborations from the West but have failed to embrace their commitment towards “Quality.”

Emphasizing the fact that it is critical for the management to understand the statutory and regulatory frameworks in which their firms need to work, Mr. Ramanaiah felt that there is a huge void that needs to be filled as most of the Indian corporates are far away from meeting the basic requirements vis-à-vis the Global Standards for Quality.

Mr. Ramanaiah felt that it is high time managements first understand and then convey the message across their organizations that maintaining standards makes life simpler, increases reliability and effectiveness of goods and services.

This in turn will allow companies to compete in the global market by ensuring continual improvement, cost reduction, customer satisfaction and generating profits.

Mr. A Jagannatha Reddy, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Matrix Laboratories proposed a vote of thanks to conclude the seminar.

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