Monday, 12 March, 2012

No longer 'First Class First Pass'

The other day, my 10-year old son asked me “what is your job, daddy?”
“Brand Consultant,” I replied.
Pat came a dialogue. “Surya Bhai is not the name of a person, it is a Brand.” For those not in the know, this dialogue is from the latest Tollywood (nickname for Telugu film industry) movie `Businessman’ directed by Puri Jagannadh, which has Mahesh Babu playing the protagonist. It was clear the impression the film and its dialogues had made on my son.
Tollywood and Bollywood movies in the last couple of years have introduced various professions. Times have changed from the times when the hero would come rushing in to say, he has passed First Class First !
Till the last decade or so, protagonists mainly donned the role of a doctor, lawyer, painter, police officer and at times, a businessman. In fact, a widowed mother taking her son to the garlanded portrait of her husband and saying “dekhiye aapka beta Barrister ban gaya (see your son has become a lawyer)” was a common scene in majority of the films.
However in recent times, Tollywood has churned out movies like Manmathudu, Vinayakudu and recently Businessman where the stories are woven around advertising and branding. Venkatesh-starrer `Chintakayala Ravi’ had the protagonist playing a software engineer struggling to settle in the US.
In Bollywood also, movies like Wake Up Sid, Corporate, Page 3 and Life In A Metro have shown the masses the various career options that one can choose depending on their interests and academic capabilities.
While watching the current set of movies being rolled out is not all that good for growing up kids, the only silver lining perhaps is that they get to know a little bit more about career options other than engineering and medicine.

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