Wednesday, 15 June, 2011

Tollywood Dreams!

Not long ago there was a Telugu film called `Money' that had a character called Khan Dada, immortalized by popular Telugu comedian Brahmanandam. His punchline in the film was ``Khan tho games adaku'' (Don’t play games with Khan).

In the film, Khan Dada happens to be a local goon whose ultimate dream is to become a film hero but gets duped to the tune of Rs 30 lakh by an imposter (pretender) who claims to have connections in the film industry. Khan Dada wants to take revenge on the person who has fooled him but cannot do much since the cops are after him given his track record.

While the story ends with each character hunting one another, the imposter is the ultimate beneficiary.

In the recent past, a similar story happened in real life, though the climax is still awaited. Bhanu Prakash, an aide of factionist Suri got access to funds of the latter who was serving a jail term and invested the money in Tollywood without his knowledge. When Suri was out of jail on bail after a few months, he threatened Bhanu, asking him to return the money. Fearing for his life, Bhanu allegedly eliminated Suri and is now on the run.

Like the imposter who benefitted in the reel story, small-time producers who languished in Tollywood studios for years, are the beneficiaries for now as Bhanu invested large sums of money in the film industry through these producers.

While Khan Dada could not become a hero in `Money', Bhanu certainly has become a real villain running after his Tollywood dreams.

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