Monday, 10 December, 2007

Federer Vs Sampras

Looking at the way Federer demolished each one of his opponents in the recently concluded ATP Masters’ Championship, every soul on this earth will say that he is the greatest every sportsman to hold a Tennis racquet.

So dominant is Federer at this stage of his career that he might well conquer every single title and break records of significance.

But with due respects to what Federer has achieved and will achieve, nothing should be taken way from what Sampras has achieved. Why?

Sampras had to face opponents of greater stature than Federer.

While it is easy for one to say that you can compete with the opposition that is available during your time, Sampras played and won over Jim Courier, a four-time Grand Slam champion in his first-ever Wimbledon final in 1993. His other final opponents were Boris Becker (six Grand Slam titles), Goran Ivanisevic (one), Andre Agassi (eight) and Pat Rafter (two). Sampras’ final opponents together won 20 Grand Slam titles. In comparison, the Swiss’s final opponents have won only four (Nadal three and Roddick one).

All this leaves us with a simple question: who is the greatest champion of all time?

Here is my choice: Roger Federer.

I believe if Sampras and Federer had met at their respective peaks at Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open, the former would have won 22 out of 40 times. Roger Federer would have beaten Sampras 7/10 times and 8/10 times at the Australian and French Opens respectively. However, the results would have been in Sampras’s favour both at Wimbledon (7/10) and US Open (6/10) times respectively.


Kingfisher said...

Good one Jay... Though i couldnt really understand the statistics u presented, but I feel, the comparison is really not correct. The circumstances, technology, media hype and human ability to withstand pressures have undergone a sea change even from sampras to federer era.
Yesterday while watching a cricket match clips between India and australia in 2001 v/s the one at perth recently, I was wondering that I was watching some Vintage match, against the fast paced one at Perth.
Comparison with the set of opponents is also not a real test in my opinion. Coz, 10 years back, the environment was still the same for the set of guys playing at that time... and therefore, the competition was fair.
Keep writing though... it was fun reading the blog !

Anonymous said...

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